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Painful stiff necks usually respond well to physiotherapy treatment which aims to release tight muscles, mobilise stiff joints and restore a full, pain-free range of movement.  Tight, restricted muscles and stiff cervical facet joints are frequently also the underlying cause of many types of tension headaches and can cause pain to be referred into the head and face.

Whiplash injuries result from an impact that causes sudden sharp movement of the head and neck, usually in a road traffic accident.  The cervical muscles, nerves and joints suffer a momentary overloading and overstretching leading to a painful stiff neck and sometimes referred pain.  Although rarely serious, whiplash pain often lasts for many weeks - physiotherapy treatment and advice is important in helping to decrease pain and speed recovery.

Proactive Physiotherapy is recognised as a specialist provider of whiplash and road traffic accident injury rehabilitation for many UK insurance companies and rehabilitation intermediary agents.  You can be assured of receiving effective evidence-based treatment and advice.


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